Elections are a fundamental element for the preservation of a nation’s democracy. In the US, they entail a complex process that demands a lot of effort and resources from the state. A big part of the election budget is invested in voting technology and modern methods to distribute information for voters. In this scene, electoral processes require assistance and accessible sources to answer questions such as:

When, where and how to vote; what are people voting for? What are the choices and requirements?

This kind of questions could be answered through manuals, videos, info graphics, or many different alternatives; however today’s technological advances and needs demand to consider more versatile and innovative solutions, for example: What if people could access this information through multiple platforms? Or, what if voters could get immediate and customized assistance?

bVoterbVoter offers a wide variety of solutions that can help solving some of the central issues presented in electoral processes. These issues are:

These questions are some of the topics discussed in our white paper on chatbots for electoral processes. Download our paper now to read more about bVoter.

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